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    1 vs 1 league

    Post  KroNiX on Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:08 pm

    hey all....
    i wanna start a "halo league" here in 1.02

    here is how it will go. everyone should have xfire or ifire who wants to participate. this will be the way that matches are organized and the way that we will know who is who.
    this should kick off as a 1 vs 1 monthly league.

    each day/week a player will be allowed a certain number of 1 vs 1 matches to play. (depending on the participation)
    all results should be recorded somewhere. i.e. you can report it on a forum and i will tally up the week's rankings.
    you will get points for winning and the kill to death ratio that u get. e.g. 5 points for a win and 1 point for every 5 kills that u get and -1 for every 5 deaths.
    so if u win a game 25 - 18. u will get 5 points for game. 5 points more for 25 kills. However, -3 points because of 15 kills (that wont be -4)
    therefore a total score of 7 for that game. games should be played in pairs. that is 2 maps. one map that you want and one that your opponent wants.

    games will include : classic slayer pro in any of the maps - hangemhigh, ratrace, chillout, wizard, prisoner, battlecreek or derelict.

    before this starts, everyone must learn to use console and get xfire.
    over the next 3 weeks i'm spreading this around.
    hope to get this started off from the 1st of march.

    tentative rules:
    1) cannot play more than determined number of matches.
    2) forfeit/ leaving is 10 points.
    3) you cannot play the same player more than a determined amount of times.
    4) no point losses for losing
    5) have xfire/ifire
    6) take screen shots of losses and wins and all matches. both players.
    7) fixing scores can be detected by me and ingenious software that i now use so plz dont do it.
    Cool both parties agree to make a post about their scores together somewhere so that the final result is known.
    9) lying is not tolerated. as i say i have new tools. i can check scores but plz make it easy for me. its a hard process to check it.
    10) have fun fun fun Smile

    i will be working together with few people to get special servers up for this.
    also, everyone will need to learn to use console so that hosts will not have to supervise the match.

    feedback is welcome Smile
    folowing will be 2 vs 2 leagues etc

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